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BC Government Fuel Tax Refund

Fuel Tax Refund for Persons with Disabilities Source from Government of Canada

ICBC disability discount

Vehicle owners whose mobility is permanently impaired may qualify for a 25 per cent discount off the cost of Basic Autoplan. Who’s eligible? Our disability discount is available to a vehicle’s registered owner, joint owner or lessee who’s 16 years of age or older and is a “person with disabilities” as defined in the Motor… Read more »

Next Steps for New Amputees

The first priority is for the amputation wound to heal and for your health to be stabilized. The newly amputated limb is often swollen as a reaction to this major surgery. An elasticised compression sock will be fitted for you to control the swelling. This sock should be comfortable enough to be worn all day… Read more »

How Will I Pay For a Prosthesis?

Most folks are correct in assuming that artificial limbs and related supplies are not inexpensive. In British Columbia, the cost of prosthetic limbs is largely covered under the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacare program. This is the same program which provides financial assistance for prescription medication. It is important to note that Pharmacare may not cover… Read more »

What kind of Prosthesis Will I Get?

There are many different ways to make a prosthesis and there are a variety of prosthetic feet and other functional parts available. Your first prosthesis will like have temporary parts until we can decide together what would be an ideal design for you. Once you are more mobile and used to wearing a prosthesis you… Read more »

Drive a Car?

Do you drive a car? If so, you’ll be interested to know that, as a permanently disabled person, you can qualify for a rebate on car insurance with ICBC and you can qualify for a fuel tax rebate on motor fuel purchases.   Click here for more information and save your receipts.


Using The Troppman grip which is the best golf grip available today for upper extremity golfers in the world he has lowered his handicap to a zero. that’s a 0.3 index. go to for more information on this amazing golfer and the great troppman grip amputee golf attachment.  

Being Active

This video shows people using the C-Leg from Otto Bock doing various activities, from cycling, walking down stairs or ramps, or just standing around, with little effort or apparent concentration.

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