Life As You Never Knew It: Information for New Amputees

We are here to help you transition into your new life as an amputee. Chances are you are in a state of shock and perhaps even feeling anger, depression and frustration. You will most likely experience at least one or all of these emotions on this new journey. You have just been through a life-altering, traumatic event, so there are some important things that can help you cope and adjust to this new way of living.

As you begin to heal, both physically and emotionally, you will begin working with a rehabilitation team, to assess your condition, goals, and limitations and to begin working on overcoming those obstacles.

As a Certified Prosthetist, I am an integral part of this team, along with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and others. My role in this team is not only to fit you with a functional and comfortable prosthesis, but also, to listen to you and help you achieve any personal activity goals you may have.

It is important to note, that I am not your doctor, and therefore I will be following instructions from a medical doctor. This specialist will take into consideration your health as a whole and ensure that using an appropriate prosthesis will be beneficial, useful and tolerated by you.

As your prosthetist, my sincere wish is that gradually you will come to experience a full and gratifying life. Through determination and hard work on your part, it can be achieved. I am here to listen, answer your questions, and help you throughout this journey.

Markus Säufferer, B.SC.(Kin.), C.P.(c) Certified Prosthetist
Motion Prosthetics

Often new amputees find these resources helpful “Next Steps for New Amputees”, “How Will I Pay for a Prosthesis” and “What Kind of Prosthesis Will I get?” in the early stages of learning about prosthetics.

The leg is on for long periods as it feels so good, but sweats a lot. (From Mexico) Many Thanks

- Thomas, 1 year after amputation

Thank you Markus for all you do to keep Jerry up and around and happy!

- Jerry’s wife

Thanks again Markus, you certainly made my life way easier to live. My leg is working
wonderful. Long walks on the beach and even up and downs stairs.

- Jerry

I have had a difficult time getting a comfortable socket fitting. There is something unusual about
my amputation that means it often takes 3 or 4 different sockets styles before it finally works.
Markus has been so patient in listening to my complaints and trying different things to take care
of my issues.

- Peggy

A year ago I didn’t think I’d be able to live an independent life again. I can go back to do some
part-time carpentry work, something I couldn’t imagine. I can’t go as long or lift as heavy, but I
can do it!

- Ken

Thanks Markus, I’m REALLY happy with the new leg – much more secure. We look forward to
dealing with you again. We think you are the BEST!

- K&S Gray

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