ICBC disability discount

Vehicle owners whose mobility is permanently impaired may qualify for a 25 per cent discount off the cost of Basic Autoplan.
Who’s eligible?
Our disability discount is available to a vehicle’s registered owner, joint owner or lessee who’s 16 years of age or older and is a “person with disabilities” as defined in the Motor Fuel Tax Act.

A “person with disabilities” is someone who has one of the following disabilities or who qualifies under one of the following programs:

  1. You have lost a limb.
  2. You are permanently dependent on a wheelchair.
  3. You have complete and permanent functional loss of the lower limbs.
  4. Your doctor or nurse practitioner certifies that you have permanent impairment of movement or a mental disability to the extent that it would be hazardous for you to use public transportation (whether or not public transportation is available).
  5. Your doctor or nurse practitioner certifies that you have permanent sight impairment to the extent that you are not eligible to hold a B.C. driver’s licence.
  6. You have received a letter from Veterans Affairs Canada showing you receive 100% disability pension from active service (includes civilians who service in support) and the date you began receiving the pension.
  7. You receive disability assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, or you would receive assistance but do not qualify because you are 65 years old or older.


Content sourced from ICBC

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