What kind of Prosthesis Will I Get?

There are many different ways to make a prosthesis and there are a variety of prosthetic feet and other functional parts available. Your first prosthesis will like have temporary parts until we can decide together what would be an ideal design for you. Once you are more mobile and used to wearing a prosthesis you may be in a better frame of mind to make longer-term decisions about what and ideal prosthesis would mean for you. We will work closely together to find a customized solution that fits your needs, since no two people are necessarily alike.

As time goes on, your amputation limb (sometimes also referred to as “residual limb” (or just “stump”), will begin to shrink. Initially, this is from the swelling subsiding, but eventually, the muscle mass will begin to atrophy from lack of use. This is normal and unavoidable and actually preferable. Unfortunately, the process of shrinking can be frustrating because what once felt like a comfortable prosthesis may, weeks later, feel loose and painful. My job is to “repair” this problem and maintain a well-fitting socket, until eventually, it will be time to replace the socket.

Your limb will never actually stop shrinking. It will slow down to the point where the changes are barely noticeable, but over the years, your limb will continue to change. My job is to maintain your fit and to ensure you continue to thrive as long as you are an amputee!

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