How Will I Pay For a Prosthesis?

Most folks are correct in assuming that artificial limbs and related supplies are not inexpensive. In British Columbia, the cost of prosthetic limbs is largely covered under the Ministry of Health’s Pharmacare program. This is the same program which provides financial assistance for prescription medication.

It is important to note that Pharmacare may not cover the entire cost of a prosthesis. Under the Fair Pharmacare program, each “family” is assessed a personal amount, which they must pay themselves before receiving
assistance. This personal amount is based on the family income, and therefore, those with greater income are required to pay more than those with a lesser income.

Most clients find that this assessment is fair, and if they do have to pay an amount is it within their means. There are
also items that Pharmacare does not fully cover, regardless of the client’s personal amount, and these amounts are then your responsibility. Finally there are some items that Pharmacare does not provide any funding assistance for, as
they are not considered items necessary for “basic functionality” according to Pharmacare’s mandate. Some
clients will access these items through their third-party health insurance plan through their employer. Additional funding can also be accessed through The War Amps of Canada and our office would be happy to assist you with this.

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